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Conference Theme:  'Promoting access to, and success in postgraduate studies'.

The 2023 Higher Education Conference aims to bring together leading academics, researchers, policymakers, students and government officials, among others, to engage and exchange and share their experiences, research findings and discuss topical issues germane to access to, and success in postgraduate studies. The targeted conference participants are individuals and groups affiliated with:

  • Public and private higher education institutions;

  • National and institutional-level student bodies;

  • Professional bodies;

  • Science councils and other research institutions;

  • Agencies that fund students for postgraduate studies;

  • Ministries and/or Departments of Higher Education;

  • Ministries and/or Departments of Arts and Culture, Science and Innovation;

  • Industries that sponsor postgraduate students or employ qualified postgraduates;  and

  • Non-governmental organisations operating within the higher education sector. 


The structure of the conference will include plenary sessions, parallel paper presentation sessions, poster sessions, panel discussions, sessions for special interest groups, a conference cocktail/dinner and a field excursion 

Second Announcement

The Council on Higher Education (CHE) is pleased to release a second announcement of the 2023 Higher Education Conference scheduled to take place from 01 to 03 March 2023. The venue is the award winning CSIR International Convention Centre which is ideally situated in Pretoria East and is easily accessible from all major routes in Gauteng. More information about the venue can be accessed at

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